Episode #105 Interview With Vince Ferguson, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host

In this week’s episode of Six Weeks to Fitness, Vince Ferguson, the host of the Six Weeks to Fitness podcast, announces the pre-launch of his online course “How to Create A-List Events on a Shoestring Budget”, “A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating High Profile Events, Attracting Athletes, Celebrities, and Sponsors on a Small Budget. For the past 25 years, Vince has created and produced award shows and fitness events that have brought out well over 100,000 people.  During the podcast, Vince will discuss his 25-year history producing high profile fitness and awards programs.  Vince also breaks down the content of the course and the launch date which will be August 2, 2017.

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2 Replies to “Episode #105 Interview With Vince Ferguson, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host”

  1. Good show buddy! I learned a lot from you before your DVD and Ebook. So I know both items are awesome. Congratulations!

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