Episode #115 Vince Ferguson Discusses the connection between Obesity and Stress

In this episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness podcast, Vince discusses the connection between obesity and stress.  Federal health officials are surprised at the continued rise in obesity rates among American adults given the fact that there is so much information available on how to prevent obesity. Vince believes that the Federal health officials are missing out on one of the major contributors to obesity, which is stress. Vince believes that obesity rates will continue to increase as long as stress combined with poor eating habits and inactivity exist.

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2 Replies to “Episode #115 Vince Ferguson Discusses the connection between Obesity and Stress”

  1. I believe that stress and some levels of depression is connected to emotional eating, which can lead to extra pounds added to the body. I believe some people cannot overcome this form of over eating because, where they are currently is their own comfort/security. I feel when the root cause is identified, then the habit will subside. Those who are in this category, must find self love! Their worth, and purpose.

    1. Hey Cynthia, thank you for your comment. I totally agree with you, stress and depression can be connected to emotional eating, which can also lead to weight gain. It’s important to deal with these underlying issues if you truly want to improve your health.

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