Episode #74 Interview with Vince Ferguson, Creator of the Children’s Sports & Fitness Expo

VinceTrainRedshirtIn this Episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness podcast, guest host, Leslie Sterling, will interview President and Founder of Body Sculpt of New York, Inc., and the Creator of the Children’s Sports & Fitness Expo, Vince Ferguson.  During the interview, Vince will discuss what life was like growing up number 7 of 9 children in Brooklyn, what inspired him to create the Children’s Sports & Fitness Expo and the importance of role models.  Vince will also discuss how he was able to secure so many sponsors and raffle prizes for his events and how anyone can do it with the right formula, as well as how vital volunteers are to the success of his many events

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2 Replies to “Episode #74 Interview with Vince Ferguson, Creator of the Children’s Sports & Fitness Expo”

  1. Thank you for providing your audience with motivating and inspirational stories from everyday individuals. With that said, I am a believer in surrounding yourself with positive people who can ignite a charge of energy into the very core of a person’s soul.

    Your platform give hope to those who are suffering from depression, caused by types of bondage that is heavy from its anchors.

    My hope is that you continue to hold interviews in hope to encourage and uplift the many souls who are reaching out for help.

    1. Thank you Cynthia, for your kind and encouraging words. It is my hope that my podcast will continue to be a platform that can inspire, motivate and inform my listeners for years to come.

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