Episode #34 Jada Hooks-Wilson from the “30 Day Challenges with Jada”

jadahooks-wilsonIn this program, I will be joined by Jada Hooks-Wilson from Hamden, Connecticut. Jada dropped to 172 lbs after weighing in close to 300 lbs just two years ago.  Jada considers herself “a work in progress”. During the interview Jada will share the major events in her life that put her on the path towards a healthy lifestyle and how she is now inspiring others through her “30 Day Challenges with Jada” Facebook group which grew from a membership of 26 people to 150 in less than 24 hours. Three weeks into the Challenge the group has grown to over 450 motivated active members and more are being added each day. This is truly  an inspiring story of how one woman “snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

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